One-Time Entry with ExactHire’s Employee Onboarding Software

One Time Entry | Onboarding SoftwareIn the past, the hiring process in most organizations caused a mountain of paperwork for the HR department. Between paper applications, paper resumes, paper cover letters, paper new employee forms and paper employee agreements, small forests have been consumed just to track and account for new hires.

ExactHire’s one-time entry onboarding software solution now provides a highly attractive alternative. While it’s tough for most organizations to circumvent the paperwork that’s involved in finding and onboarding a new employee, it’s possible to go paperless with that process. And by turning to ExactHire, you’ll be able to create new efficiencies that cut down on the demands of onboarding.

ExactHire’s employee onboarding software is designed to minimize the busywork that inevitably crops up during the onboarding process. Human resources departments can be burdened by a number of smaller tasks that are difficult to organize and tedious to execute.

That’s why our software is constructed to manage these tasks for you, giving you a quick view of the completed and remaining tasks for each onboarded employee. Whether it’s filling out I-9’s and W-4’s, completing employee training or graduating from the orientation process, HR can take a more hands-off approach without risking a reduction of efficiency in the process.

Enter Once, Populate Many

With all the forms that often need to be completed, the process of entering employee information and other data onto repeated forms can be a slow-moving process. But with those forms now digitized into a one-time entry solution, organizations can keep moving. Simply put, your applicants will be able to “enter once, populate many.”

No matter how many forms you have requiring this information, the one-time entry capability will populate the information onto all other applicable forms, cutting your paperwork to a fraction of its former time investment. All of this information is securely stored on ExactHire’s onboarding software, which is compliant with federal employment regulations.

Creating Onboarding Profiles

The specific onboarding process can depend on the type of employee you are hiring and/or the division to which the employee is assigned. A corporate office employee, for example, may require different onboarding forms than what a distribution center employee might need at a facility in a different state. ExactHire’s software offers the flexibility of assigning forms and other tasks to certain divisions, thereby granting employees access only to the tasks that are relevant to them.

All of this employee information is stored in ExactHire’s software, but you can also download the various documents and save them onto your computer. You can even print out those documents and other onboarding materials, although they are easy to distribute using the software itself.

Contact us today to learn more about this software solution and to get started on the path to better onboarding with ExactHire. To explore more information on our Employee Onboarding Software visit our resources section.