Track Documents With Ease

After the initial onboarding process for a new employee has been completed, some of the chaos that descended upon an organization’s human resources department starts to dissipate. But that doesn’t mean the work from that new hire is done. After filling out countless pages of paperwork, the organization is then tasked with securely storing and managing those documents for future reference and use.

While that sounds simple, it’s easier said than done. The bar for efficient document tracking has been raised in recent years due to the new possibilities created by digital solutions. ExactHire’s employee onboarding software has been designed specifically with these long-term considerations in mind, enabling organizations of any size to efficiently and easily handle employee documents for years down the road.

Reaping the Benefits of Efficient Document Tracking

Employee Onboarding Software | Manage DivisionsExactHire is here to help HR professionals, although the entire company can indirectly benefit from this increased efficiency. Our affordable onboarding software offers a number of features that are useful regardless of organizational size, and only become more effective over time, as the organization grows and changes.

For example, employee profiles can be assigned to various divisions that have been customized to meet the needs of that specific group of employees. Documents are easily tracked, and the system itself can automatically review paperwork to make sure that the right documents and forms are being filled out by the proper parties.

All-in-One Digital Portal

Onboarding Software | Manage Employee TasksWhen it comes to managing currently active documents, HR staff can review employee requests and perform actions on them in one fell swoop. Progress notes are available on these employee requests, and once forms have been approved, they can still be reviewed within the digital portal.

And HR staff will love not having to chase down employees to hand out and collect paperwork like I-9s or tax forms — the tasks can be delivered digitally to those parties and they can complete the paperwork from wherever they are, even if working at a different office.

Keeping good records is one of the cornerstones of a strong organization, and it’s worth your time to invest in the solutions that will help your company maintain such a system.

For more literature about our Employee Onboarding Software, visit our resources section. Still have questions? Contact us today to learn more about our efficient document tracking solutions.