HR Accuracy and Accountability with ExactHire

Errors in paperwork may be small but they can have a big impact on an organization’s operations. Unfortunately, human error is inevitable and filling out paperwork by hand is just asking for problems to crop up. Despite these inherent disadvantages, many organizations continue to create unnecessary risks for themselves by pushing paper in their human resources departments. Avoid those problems altogether with ExactHire’s Employee Onboarding Software.

Onboarding in a Paperless World

HR Accuracy Accountability | Onboarding SoftwareThe drawback of paperwork is never more apparent than when new hires are entering an organization. Onboarding is an intensive process that usually requires plenty of paperwork to be filled out, from I-9’s to W-4’s to contracts and signing employee policy handbooks. In the past, human resources departments have been swamped and overwhelmed with the charge of organizing onboarding for new hires, keeping track of their progress and making sure information is accurately recorded. Today, those departments can have their burdens eased by transitioning to ExactHire’s employee onboarding software.

ExactHire’s software solutions have been developed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Employees also stand to benefit from the versatility of digital onboarding features, ultimately allowing them to fully integrate into a business in a much more accurate and organized manner.

Digital Accuracy

Let’s face it: some HR professionals are just devoted to paper. Perhaps due to the belief that paper is more secure or more reliable, these executives have shrugged off digital solutions without fully understanding their benefits.

Possibly the greatest benefit is the elimination of handwritten information. Poor handwriting can be a nightmare for HR departments, leading to illegible or misread information that gets transferred onto other documents, forms and electronic materials in the same incorrect manner. By converting to a software solution, you eliminate the hassle of handwriting and ensure information is correct the first time.

Additionally, no information fields are accidentally left blank. Where information is required, you can institute a setting on your software that prevents employees from progressing in the onboarding process until they enter the information as requested. And organizations can customize this software to deliver notifications and step-by-step guidance throughout onboarding, giving employees constant assistance without taking time away from HR personnel.

When it comes to security, ExactHire’s onboarding software is even more effective than paper. It offers security that complies with all federal employer regulations, and the use of E-verify and electronic signatures guarantees that you’ll never let employees slip through the cracks. You can also digitally store all of these employee documents and quickly pull them up if you need to reference them in the future.

In the end, a software solution offers far less human error and can better guarantee that various onboarding steps are fully completed as desired.

For more information please visit our resources section, try our onboarding software price estimator tool, or contact us today to learn more about ExactHire’s employee onboarding software and how it can help you take the paper out of your paperwork.