Employee Onboarding Software

ExactHire Employee Onboarding Software technology helps eliminate paperwork and redundancy to fully optimize the way new employee information is collected. Employee onboarding is the function of welcoming new employees into an organization. While this definition can be expanded to include the longer-term function of welcoming new employees into your organization’s culture, most organizations view this process as the act of gathering all of the information necessary to complete new hire paperwork.

The best companies know that the first day of work for a new employee should be memorable. Yet, in most cases, new employees still spend much of their first day filling out forms. This leads to the following challenges:

  • Handwriting is often illegible on forms
  • Forms are missing information or contain mistakes
  • HR or department managers must keep track of and “chase down” missing forms
  • Copies of all paperwork must be physically stored
  • This is both time-consuming for the organization and frustrating for new employees

Not sure if onboarding software is in the budget for your small or medium-sized company? Try our onboarding software price estimator and see why ExactHire’s solutions are especially suited to the SMB market.