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ExactHire Employee Onboarding Software technology helps eliminate paperwork and redundancy to fully optimize the way new employee information is collected. Employee onboarding is the function of welcoming new employees into an organization. While this definition can be expanded to include the longer-term function of indoctrinating new employees into your organization’s culture, most organizations view this process as the act of gathering all of the information necessary to complete new hire paperwork.

The best companies know that the first day of work for a new employee should be memorable. Yet, in most cases, new employees still spend much of their first day filling out forms. This leads to the following challenges:

  • Handwriting is often illegible on forms
  • Forms are missing information or contain mistakes
  • HR or department managers must keep track of and "chase down” missing forms
  • Copies of all paperwork must be physically stored
  • This is both time-consuming for the organization and frustrating for new employees

ExactHire Employee Onboarding Software Allows Businesses To:

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of manual paperwork involved in the new hire process to more quickly ensure new employee success
  • Easily guide new employees through simple questions necessary to automate the completion of new hire employment forms such as: I-9, W-4, direct deposit, emergency contact, policy review acknowledgment, etc.
  • More easily overcome the challenges that can be associated with gathering completed employee paperwork across multiple office locations and facilities

Using hosted technology, our paperless software solution focuses on a very simple, yet powerful premise: enter once; populate many. We accomplish this by using a wizard-style employee data form to collect the information necessary for your organization’s unique forms. The answers are then automatically overlaid onto the appropriate forms. The result? All employee documentation is completed perfectly, easily accessible online or fed into your existing payroll/HR system.

How does it work? There are 3 easy steps to the employee onboarding process:

  1. The software application collects some basic information to determine what paperwork will be required based on the employee’s location, division, etc.
  2. It then populates the necessary forms with the information collected in the initial interview and allows the employee to review and/or electronically sign the forms
  3. HR and/or department managers are automatically notified of the completed paperwork and may then authorize the forms electronically

Some of the key reasons organizations use ExactHire to automate their employment paperwork process:

  • Poor handwriting is no longer an issue
  • Forms are completed accurately and contain no missing information
  • No more tracking and "chasing down” missing forms
  • All completed forms are now stored electronically
  • Significant time savings for the organization and a simpler process for new employees
  • Integration with E-Verify

What type of forms can be automated with our solution? Virtually any paper form currently used when processing new hires:

  • Federal tax forms (W-4, I-9)
  • State and local tax forms
  • Direct deposit authorization
  • Handbook and policy authorizations
  • Benefit enrollment information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Security and network access

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