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ExactHire applicant tracking software (ATS software) makes it easier for good people to apply to your organization--anytime and from anywhere. This web-based applicant tracking portal enhances your employment brand and is your opportunity to share important information about your organization with potential applicants.

ExactHire Applicant Tracking Software Helps Organizations:

Here’s How Applicant Management Works:

From the portal, applicants may view open jobs and their descriptions, ask to be notified of ongoing opportunities with your organization, share job openings with friends, or apply for open jobs.

Applicant Tracking Portal - Job Listing

The electronic employment application is customized for your organization, including a separate application for internal job applicants.

Once applicants complete the online application, they are notified both on-screen and via email that you have received their information and are informed about next steps. This ensures a positive experience for all applicants and helps to maintain a favorable impression of your organization in the employment marketplace.

Manage the Process Efficiently - ExactHire recruiting software and applicant tracking software provides you with all of the tools necessary to track and manage applicants. With features such as automatic job postings to free and paid job boards, email communication with applicants, forwarding of applications to hiring managers, unique screening questions for each job, applicant ranking capabilities, and applicant stage and status codes, the selection and hiring process can now become paperless! This creates efficiency for your organization and prevents good candidates from "slipping through the cracks.”

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Applicant Tracking Software Key Features:

True Implementation – We do the heavy lifting

  • Personalized, unique applicant tracking portal that matches your current internet marketing branding
  • Full implementation process that uploads your current job openings, departments, applicant sources
  • Fully-hosted system means no expense incurred for hardware, software, or in-house support - enjoy software as a service (SaaS)
  • We customize our recruiting software and online application to match your unique applicant management needs
  • Ongoing support from your trusted ExactHire Client Services team

Build a Talent Pool; Create a Following

  • Applicant tracking database allows you to easily catalog and search applications instantly
  • Allow applicants to share job openings easily through social and business networking sites
  • Automated job posting direct to your website, free job sites, and paid job boards
  • Advertise open positions to applicants automatically at their request
  • Advanced job search capabilities for applicants

Track Applicants and Data with Ease

  • Use online applications instead of only resumes to more efficiently screen applicants
  • Insert open-ended questions right into your online application
  • Review job-specific screening questions to better qualify applicants
  • Robust email communication features allow sends to both individuals and groups of applicants
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting links get you the information you need, on demand

Contact ExactHire today to learn more about how our unique and affordable applicant tracking software (ATS software) will start making a difference for your organization!

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